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About me

Sabrina Burgio


I am a High School US History Teacher who has a side business as a home baker who specializes in chocolate chip cookies. 

The journey of me selling my cookies and other baked goods started in 2019. My husband, a now retired police officer, brought my cookies to work for his colleagues. They sent me messages encouraging me to sell them. I worked on the recipe for 2 plus years.  Along the way, I shared samples with my husband's colleagues and my students to gain feedback before I decided to sell. In honor of the support received from my husband and his fellow officers, I chose the name L1 Cookie. The L1 was my husband's final call sign when he retired from the force and cookie was his nickname given to him by a fellow officer as he was the one always cooking at various gatherings. Without them, I never would have considered taking this journey.

I use high quality organic ingredients and never use any seed oils. 

The cookies are my biggest seller. I request 48 hour minimum order notice as my dough has to sit for more then 24 hours. 

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